The Plan

Day 10

Let me start off by saying my husband wanted a honeymoon baby.                              
However that did not fit into our discussed, analyzed, and finalized life plan.

Let me show you what The Plan is:

  1.  Get married
  2. Be the most adorable married couple while both working, going to all church    services, hosting dinners parties, chairing Sunday school classes, feeding the hungry, and staying at 119 pounds.
  3. Buy a house – preferably in my home town.
  4. Get pregnant with first child – again adorable
  5. Stop working
  6. Continue to procreate.

Notice baby was number 4.

Let me show you what The Plan is in real life:

  1. Got married to a man that makes me laugh and tells me he love me every day.
  2.  Um….none of that.
  3. We rent a 625 sq. ft. one bedroom apartment in Florida…nowhere near any family.
  4. Notice the blog
  5. The husband is in school and won’t be out for 3 years… I will work forever.
  6. See number 4.

So what?! Yes, we skipped steps 2 and 3. Yes, Our Plan was an utter failure, but we know His Plan is perfect and never fails.

We are in day 10 of making a baby!

Belly Question: What was your Plan?


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