The Business of Ovulation

Day 11

Before we decided to start trying for a baby I had no idea when I ovulated. Why would I?

But now I know this is the money week. This is (scientifically speaking) the best time to get pregnant.

I can’t help but think of an episode of Friends when Monica and Chandler were trying for a baby, she’s ovulating, they are about to make love, and a fight starts.  Quickly Monica says she was wrong and she was sorry and they have make up/make a baby sex.  As soon as it’s over she reveals she tricked him since it was her last day of ovulation and she was just as furious as before.  Chandler feels used as a sperm donor.  Actually, now that I write this, I have seen this on many shows.

And in just 11 days I saw it in my house this week. 

Last night my husband was at the church watching the World Series and I knew he wouldn’t get home until late.  I called to tell him good night and after all the “I love yous” and “Goodnight sweeties”, I reminded him to make sure he woke me up because it’s my last day of ovulation.

Well crap.

He was happy to oblige.  I mean trying making a baby is still the same process as all the practicing you do before, right?

Belly Question – If it takes longer to get pregnant than I want, will sex become a baby making business and not having intimacy with my husband? How do I prevent that from happening?


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