Operation Don’t Tell – FAILURE

Day 14

So  it’s day fourteen of trying to make a baby. The Hubs and I are excited. Ya know, looking at babies in Target and getting giddy. Seeing pregnant women and thinking, “That will be me soon..hopefully!”

But the rest of the world is silent.

That is because we have chosen not to tell people we are trying.  We have no idea how long it will take to actually be blessed with a pregnancy .  And we don’t know how the pregnancy will go. God has a plan and we have faith in it. But still……

I really want to shout it out to my mom, my sisters, my grandmother, my friends, my co-workers, my grocer, my mailman, my pastor, my waitress, the five political people that called me today to remind me to vote (STOP CALLING), the gas station clerk, you get the point.

This is how I feel and I am like a vault. I can keep secrets. The Hubs is a TOTALLY different story.

My husband can’t keep a secret to save his life. Christmas time is miserable in this area.

Christmas 2008

Him: “I GOT YOU A GREAT PRESENT!! DO YOU WANT IT NOW?”  –  It was December 3rd.

Valentine’s Day 2009

Shows me a department store bag and says..

Him:  ” Look! I’ve got you the best Valentine’s present. Lets open it now! ” He proceeds to take it out of the bag (aka unwrapping my Valentine’s Day present) before I can object .

Valentine’s Day 2010 – Lesson Learned

 Shows me a departments store bag and says…

Him: “I’ve been shopping all day and I found the best pres-”

I don’t even let him finish, grab MY OWN PRESENT, and hide it from him. so he can’t give it to me  early. I even had a friend wrap it.

Needless to say 12 hours after the agreement not to tell a soul, he confessed he told his best friend. Who told his wife ( who I love). Who told her parents (Who I love).

Belly Question –  Am I going to have to not tell my husband I am pregnant so he doesn’t tell the world!


4 thoughts on “Operation Don’t Tell – FAILURE

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  2. Don’t give up and don’t be discouraged. It’s so refreshing to see that you have faith in God! I have a sister who took a very long time to get preggos. I was even hoping along with the family that she would just go ahead and adopt, but she didn’t give up. She said she prayed about it, because she really wanted this and now she has twin girls!

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