Come On Uterus!!!

Day 16

Next week we will find out if we are pregnant.

I am so torn because my brain knows that after 16 days of trying…that’s probably not going to happen. I mean, yes, some women get knocked up as easily as they sneeze.  Some women try for 2 years. Some can’t physically have babies at all.

Am I fertile?

Did all those long college nights take a toll on my uterus?

Did all the hip shaking in high school cheerleading knock my eggs around?

Per my last post, I have to sneakly ask my family about their conception experiences:

My sister says it happened in their second month of trying.

My mother was told she couldn’t have children and then got the flu…oh, no wait. The flu was pregnancy.

My grandmother said, “I don’t really remember planning your mother. I just remember throwing up for 9 months. Everyone saying it was going to be a boy. We were so excited for a boy in the family. And then it was a girl. And then my uterus flipped. “  WHAT!?  This is so disturbing, I will have to address it in another post.

I guess my point is, will I really be able to hide the expected disappointment when my period comes next week?

Belly Question: How long did it take for you to conceive?


1 thought on “Come On Uterus!!!

  1. For my first pregnancy I hadn’t been on BC for 3.5 years and had no “accidents” the last half year was very actively trying and we only got pregnant when I was holding the clomid perscription waiting for my period. By my second pregnancy, I was actually keeping track of my body (temps and all those natural signs) and I was pregnant in…I think it was 5? and the third time was I think 4 months. So frustrating to wait. We’re currently on month one of trying again. I’m so impatient. Good luck.

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