Day 17

Can you limbo when you are pregnant?

I don’t mean skating rink, disco balls,  and bamboo stick limbo. I mean emotional limbo.

My husband and I are in the process of deciding if we need to move away from Tampa so he can go to seminary. There are many fine EXPENSIVE schools here he can go to, but we just don’t know that we want to be living under student loans for the rest of our lives.

As we I  write a list of pros and cons on each school, each one comes back to this:

  • If we move for him to go to school and I am pregnant, we won’t have health insurance for awhile.  What then?
  • If we move and I am pregnant, we will have no family or friends to help with the baby.
  • If we move and I am pregnant, where will I work? Do we have enough saved to last those short weeks before I can go find a job?
  • If we stay here, we are very sure we will be here forever. Our  dream is to move back to Tennessee.
  • If we stay here, there is a chance our child will actually melt from the searing heat that is Florida 9 months out of the year.


I feel at this point I should make it clear we are not placing a hold on our lives just in case we get pregnant. Come decision time, if there is no pregnancy, we will decide and know it was the right one.  

I sound pretty faithless, but the truth is I know God has a plan for us and our future baby. I am 100% He has already found the perfect school for the Hubs, the perfect job for me, and they are both in the perfect town for our little family.

Belly Question: What are you in limbo about right now?


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