I’m Alive!

Day 79

When I started this blog last year I only made a few posts. As I started writing I wanted to make sure my writing wasn’t whiny or repetitive since I am only covering one subject. And honestly…not much is happening in the baby making world. How many times can you really say “Not preggers yet!”

So let me go a different direction….

From Day 17 to  Day 79

  • I have stopped researching special tricks to get pregnant…doing the candlestick pose after sex is hilarious. I even asked The Hubs to do it with me once!
  • I have stopped eating like I am pregnant…just in case I might be. This was when I knew I was getting pregnant obsessed and I missed sushi.   
  • We have told a few special people that we are trying to have a baby…but still no family knows. 
  • The Hubs and I are still  looking for seminaries, however we are now in the narrowing down stage.

Belly Question: How has God blessed you in the last 62 days?


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