Thanks for Nothing BCP!

Day 81

 Obviously when we decided to start trying for a baby, I got off the pill.

This was like saying goodbye to my mother’s second (ex)husband…welcomed, because it’s been around too long.

I started the pill when I was fifteen. That is almost 10 years I have been on this tiny baby preventer. I had horrible periods in my early teens and ,once I found the right pill, it really helped. I loved that I knew exactly when my period was coming. Looking at the package I knew why my body was feeling bloated, my face was broken out, and my stomach was cramping. The pill was easy.

Month one came and went with no period. I about made myself crazy wondering if I was pregnant. I had never been late. Never missed a scheduled period. Never. I even went as far as looking at baby strollers at Target (I will post about this experience later)!

I bought a 3 pack pregnancy test…I mean why just test once, right? Does negative really mean negative?

 Come to find out…it does.

I go another week and a half without my period.

And then it came…with a VENGEANCE!

Holy Crap! I was warped back to fourteen years old , laying on my mother’s bed, in the fetal position, with heating pads, cooling rags, and Tylenol. Bad. Bad. Bad.

 Thanks for nothing BC! NOTHING!

Belly Question: How was getting off the pill for you?


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