Rejoicing for my Pregnant Friends

Day 85

 I really can say that I am not jealous of pregnant women or women with children. After all, The Hubs and I have only been trying a short time. Plus I love babies! When I see women prego I get excited for them.

 And it’s a good thing ….

Over the last two months I have had multiple friends post on Facebook that they are pregnant. It gets me so excited. I can’t wait to see pictures of the ultra sound, the baby bump, the nursery. All of it!

Recently, my friend Megan sent me a message that she and her husband were pregnant.

I couldn’t help but cry. Cry out of joy.

See, Megan and her husband were in the baseball world with us and all of our lives were on hold for baseball. It’s really just a part of being married to a man that plays professional baseball. You want their dream to be attained and then the town, house, and babies will come.

I think once we all realized that God can put new dreams in our life and our priorities changed, the town, house, and babies were wanted sooner.

 They live in a town they love, have jobs they love and now are having …TWINS, that they will love.

I am a sucker for a charmed life.

Belly Question: How has God changed your priorities?


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