My Daddy

Day 88

 My daddy had a funny way of talking. He was from the South, handsome, and he could cuss like no person I have ever met.

He had this large mouth and tan skin. And he could sell a ketchup popsicle to a lady in white gloves.

My daddy was most comfortable with a golf club, a “white-liquor” drink, or a daughter’s hand in his own hand.

My oldest sister had a little boy (who I am madly in love with) almost two years to the day after my daddy died. I can only imagine the things Daddy would have taught his grandson…that more than likely would have gotten him into trouble.

This month marks four years Daddy has been gone and it make me think how happy I will be when I tell my children stories of their grandfather.

Belly Question: How has your father shaped your children?


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