Tell Me The Truth

Day 93

So I work for a non-profit that provides resources to help moms with their day to day sanity. In a brainstorming session we got on the topic of breastfeeding. Now I have heard of the horror stories of breastfeeding: no milk, inverted nipples, not latching on, etc.. 

Today I was told,  “With my second baby, I wasn’t worried about the childbirth pain. I was more stressed about the breastfeeding pain!”


Did you just say child birth is nothing compared to the pain of feeding your child…which you do like a zillion times a day for 8 months?

I have heard women talk about nipple soreness and being “uncomfortable” while breastfeeding but nothing like this! Why? WHY!?

Is it just ingrained into us that we can’t tell other women about the difficulties of having children because it will make us look less like a super mom? I mean if you have ever had a child, don’t you just immediately understand that YOU WILL NEVER KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT PARENTING!?

What else do moms think they have to hide or act tough about with other moms?  Is it really all pride?

What are you moms not warning me about?  Or is it you just don’t want to scare new/potential moms?  When I heard the breastfeeding conversation today, I didn’t re-think wanting to have a baby! I felt a little more prepared.

Moms aren’t alone. Moms aren’t perfect. Moms don’t have perfect children. Moms need other moms to help them know that they aren’t crazy. Pass on your knowledge to other women.

I’m excited to be a mom…some day….inverted nipples and all!

Belly Question:  What can you prepare me for?


3 thoughts on “Tell Me The Truth

  1. When I first had Monster he was tongue tied. I didn’t know that was an actual thing! He looked like he was latching fine and all but I was getting blisters (no joke) on my nipples as a result. But once they snipped his tongue (the weird liney skin thing attaching from your tongue to the bottom of your mouth..not a clue what that is) all was well in Neverland and breastfeeding was a walk in the park after that. I can’t imagine it being painful unless you’ve got a clogged duct or something.

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