Sad Moments

Day 94

A few months a ago I saw someone who used to work at my office. She has one little boy that is super cute, healthy and rambunctious. She told me she and her husband were expecting, but it was so early they had no idea when it was due.


I saw her today, and asked “So when are you due?”

 Her response was, ” Oh, we lost it…again. The doctors say we can’t have any more children.”

I was shocked, sad ,and a little embarrassed. The worst part was, she answered as if she were telling me her parents flight got delayed a couple days.

Obviously this was her way of coping. No judgment from me.

How many times had she and her husband miscarried? How did she get to the point that she can talk about it without crying? Does having a sweet healthy child help? How many miscarriages do you have before your faith waivers?

When she told us about her miscarriage, my co-worker said, ” God can answer prayers in unique ways.” Her response was a dull, ” He hasn’t yet.”


I think when you are trying to get pregnant you know the possibility of a miscarriage is there. I can’t imagine the pain a couple must feel.

There’s really no point to this post, just praying that God holds all mothers a little closer during hard, hard times. He really does have a plan and it is (for me) ALWAYS hard to step into the unknown of that plan.

I’m so joyful that God knows me, my husband, and my un-conceived children.

 For you mothers that have felt this hurt – I’m sorry.

Belly Question – Will you pray for a mother that has had a miscarriage?


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