The Right Baby Making Mixture

Day 120

Oh the strategies of getting pregnant. Over the last month I have had very open conversations about different plans, techniques, and thoughts on getting knocked up with a few friends.

Here are a few…that are not X rated.

1. Not only get pregnant, but with a guaranteed boy!

Track your cycle. Refrain from sex for 3 days, and 3 days before your period…DO IT!! The logic behind this is  that the boy sperm don’t travel as far and need to be closer the egg. The egg is closest a few days before your period. My friend and I have been guaranteed a boy if use this trick…by 3 different people. Guaranteed! What? If I get a girl, I can send her to their house to live?

2. They way puppies play……I said I was keeping it low on the rating scale

 This is a suggestion from my gyno way before I was even thinking of getting pregnant. The 77 year old midwife that also worked in the office swore by this sexual position.  I think the reasoning is the sperm has a straight shot.

3. Tracking your discharge.

Let me start off with saying the word “discharge” is one of my least favorite words in the English language. Mostly because I am a woman, but still it’s icky.

My friend, Lynn, is reading a book that helps you track your discharge and discern what color/texture means what. She says there is no feeling yourself and you don’t have to pop a thermometer in you. You can just check out a panty liner and use what the book taught you.The reasoning is because APPARENTLY discharge is like ovulation DNA. I just can’t do it…yet.

4. BOOTY CALL—via text message.

This is my current choice.  I typed in my cell number, the first day of my last period, and how many days are in my cycle and they send me a text message every week. The first message just reminded me a week before I started ovulating to take my vitamins.

This was my latest message:

“Your fertile window opens today and lasts 5 more days. Heat kills sperm so the hot tub is out.”

The whole hot tub part was weird, but thanks for the info.

To sign up got the Baby Center Booty Caller  go here.

The reason I chose this selection was because it was the easiest. Since The Hubs and I are not like ” WE NEED A BABY NOW”, this is the right option for me…for now.

Later I will tell you why I am having issues with “timing” my baby.

Belly Question: What is your Baby Makin’ Secret?


3 thoughts on “The Right Baby Making Mixture

  1. Oh goodness. I have to laugh at some of them, but I know when trying for a baby you will do almost anything to achieve one. Before I got pregnant with my first we had tried for a while with no luck. So I decided to give up trying, and work on me first. I was (and ugh, still am) overweight. So I started going to the gym to lose weight. I thought well if I can’t be pregnant I will get myself ready for when I can be. So I went to the gym every single day, for 2 hours a day. In a month and a half I lost 30lbs. Yay me! Then I started feeling crazy tired and didn’t feel like going. Lo and behold I was pregnant. I know you’re probably not overweight but that’s what worked for me, going to the gym and deciding to not stress myself out over why I wasn’t getting pregnant.

    Another suggestion I have for you might be worth trying. Acupunture. I have had a few friends that have said this worked for them. Honest to goodness. And they all struggled with infertility and doing medical procedures to get pregnant before trying it.

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