Roller Coaster Mouth

Day 121

My mother is coming into town this weekend for some much needed girl time. We are going to Universal’s Islands of Adventure. We are going to ride ROLLER COASTERS!

I used to have this horrible fear of the twirlly, upside down machines, but now we are cool.

Here is the real issue.

This is the first time I will be with my mom (alone) since The Hubs and I have started trying to conceive.

Like all great mothers, my mom can take one look at me and see I am lying. This did not fade when I entered into adulthood…she still knows.

Will I lie?

Will I avoid the subject at all cost?

My husband and I have made the promise not to tell family….Can that promise withstand 3 days – alone-with-the-one-who-birthed-me?

I’ll let you know.

Update: We had a blast, but I did manage not to tell her. I know this come back and bite me.


Belly Question: Did you try to keep this same secret?


2 thoughts on “Roller Coaster Mouth

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  2. It was only a nibble….not a full BITE!!! Don’t ever keep secrets like this from me again little missy!!! LOL….I love you more than life and I’m praying for you, the “Hubs” and my unborn grandchild. In His time everything will be revealed.

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