The Dance

Day 128

This month will be month four of trying to conceive.  This month I have promised myself that as the days come closer to the possibility of a period I will not start The Dance.

I have developed these dance moves over the last 3 months and it goes like this:

Step One: Seven days before my possible period (mPP), start thinking ” Hmmm. I wonder if I’m pregnant?”

Step Two:  Five days before mPP, analyze every stomach whim.  “Could this be the start of morning sickness? Maybe? Why would I have morning sickness at like day 10 ? Oh, maybe that was dinner from last night? What did I eat? Sushi. SUSHI?! OH GOD! I ate raw fish and my baby will have mercury poison”  

Step Three: Two days before mPP, ” Hmmm. Is there really two more days until I start my period find out if I’m preggers? Maybe I wrote the wrong day down last month? Maybe I should take one of those early pregnancy test? The commercials say 5 days before a missed period. I’m only 2!

This is where the dance splits . I have two options:

  1) The Waltz – keep your cool and have a little patience…surely I can wait 24-36 more  hours.

   2) Freestyle – Lose my mind. Go to my Walgreens across the street. Purchase a 2 pack   of  early pregnancy tests. Try to look like a respectable woman at check out and not the nervous teenager I feel.   I CAN’T WAIT! I NEED TO KNOW NOW!

Step Four: Day of mPP, analyze my panties every time I go to the bathroom….which will be about twenty times….before noon.

This is quite exhausting. Not nearly as beneficial as regular dancing either.

Today I WOULD be between  steps two and three, but I am feeling rather relaxed.

I know that God has seen my babies and His perfect timing will always be accurate.

Belly Question: What  in your life causes you to  do “The Dance”?


5 thoughts on “The Dance

  1. Ugh I STILL do the freestyle freaked out dance whenever I think there is a possibility of being “knocked up.” I say head to the dollar store though and buy the cheapy tests, that way you can test over and over and not feel so bad for spending so much. 😉 At least that’s how I try to justify it. Praying for a little miracle to come!

  2. I did this dance for two years trying to have my 2nd. I know it all too well. I’ll keep you in prayer! Try not having sex the whole week before you ovulate. Thats what it finally came down to for us. I went out of town for a week and whammo! Pregnant!

    Margaret (@goodbadfamily)

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