Welcome to the Elimination Round

Day 135

Per my last post, I was not participating in The Dance of wondering if I would start my period. I did really well with that commitment and when my period did come, I was ok with it.

So this is my next step in baby making.

I have read a bajillion articles on conceiving and most say about the same things.

1.Be active – Check. I run about 3 times a week

2.Don’t smoke – Check.

3.Take a prenatal vitamin – Check. Thanks Target generic vitamins!

4.Have sex – Check…I think ya’ll have heard enough about that for now.

5.Be a healthy weight – I could stand to lose about 5 pounds to be in the perfect “fertility weight”.

6.Don’t drink alcohol – I drink about 2 beers a week. Sometimes less, sometimes more.

7.Reduce caffeine – I am in between a tired person and a junkie. I drink 2 Diet Dr. Peppers a day.

So for March I will be eliminating one of the three unchecked items.

But which one?

Let’s do a pros and cons list:

Losing 5 lbs

Pro: watching the scale go down, not having panty lines embedded on my skin, possibly reducing the muffin top…every time I see it I get hungry.

Con: Actually get on a scale, having to watch what I eat, reducing my sugar , increasing my running, bring my lunch every day, separate myself from the free candy  that is in the cubie next to mine…it will be like losing a limb.

Stop Drinking Alcohol

Pro : Not intake 300 calories a week in beer, Not have alcohol in my system in case I do get pregnant, The Hubs doesn’t drink, so I won’t feel like a weirdo drinking by myself.

Con: What will I do when I have had a crazy day and need an adult bev?

Eliminate Caffeine

No Pro/Con needed. Notice I said eliminate. I don’t think taking it down to 1 a day is enough of a challenge, and I just cannot give up my caffeine yet.

Final Decision: Lose 5 pounds!

This is way harder than it sounds, but I think I can do it. Especially, if it will help me be more fertile.

*Please know that I will be giving up alcohol when I do get preggo, and reducing the caffeine….just not today. So Monday will start the beginning of Weight Lose for Baby!

Belly Question: What is the worst part about trying to lose weight?


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Elimination Round

  1. The worst part for me is finding the time and motivation to exercise. And making sure I do it on a regular basis. I don’t like dieting, so I try to eat whatever I want, but cut down on the amounts or eat healthier things first and then let myself have a treat. I would totally recommend having a “drunken night” with your husband, seems to work for the people on TV. Just kidding.
    I am in an online message board with other moms who have babies my daughter’s age and so many of them struggled for years with infertility, so I know it’s a hard journey. But you have an amazing outlook and I know that is going to help your mind and body prepare for pregnancy and motherhood.

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