Not as Selfless as I Thought

Day 138

So last week I vowed to lose 5 pounds to become a better fertility weight. I left that post feeling slightly nervous but mostly happy that I had the determination to actually lose some weight.

Now, I know 5 pounds seems like nothing, but it is a big deal!

This is the same 5 of 12 pounds I have gained in the two years I have been married. 2 YEARS!

I think my real fear is that if I can’t lose these pounds will I be stuck with baby weight 2 YEARS after my first baby?

So after admitting to myself that this weight loss isn’t entirely me being a selfless mother-to-be-to-be….I am still motivated!

I re-joined Weight Watchers today. Tried to follow along with  their new PointsPlus system…we will see.

And a little inspiration…My bloggy friend, Jennifer, told me when she started working out and not being so “lets get preggers” driven, she felt better AND soon had bun in the oven!


2 thoughts on “Not as Selfless as I Thought

  1. okay so how is the 5 lb. weight loss going? I’m now on a no carb kick, trying to detox my body so to speak, and stop this awful food addiction I have. It’s only been day 3 for me and I’m dying for a cookie. ugh, shoot me now….I’ve got almost 2 weeks more to go.

  2. Oh Girl! I did low carbs and I prayed for the rapture. It was horrible…and on top of it I didn’t lose any freaking weight!
    I hope this goes sooo much better for you. If you can make it through week one, maybe it will get better. My friend lost 25 pounds in 6 weeks.
    I re-joined weight watchers online. Its so easy, I lost 2 pounds since my post. THEN went to MI over the weekend for a funeral and all was lost. I gained a pound this week. The hardest part for me is staying away from sugar treats and forcing myself to workout.

    Hang in there!

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