Fake Out!

Day 154

So I experienced a fake out this week…big time.

“What is a fake out?” you might be asking. Let me give you some of my past fake outs.

  • Drinking from a cup that has water in it – FAKE OUT – It’s your roommate’s straight vodka.
  • Going into a dressing room with your normal size pants – FAKE OUT – It’s their new “ city style”….and they don’t zip.
  • Going to Disney with your boyfriend for a dream engagement –FAKE OUT – no ring. (he asked the next weekend)
  • Thinking cutting class and going home early in high school was a good idea – FAKE OUT – Your parents came home early too!
  • Trusting that Frat boy wouldn’t kiss and tell –FAKE OUT- the entire Greek alphabet knows yall made out.

My latest fake out:

The Hubs and I had to travel to Michigan for a funeral over the weekend. I packed my Period Pack ( old panties, tampons, and panty liners) since I knew my period would start on Sunday.



I am assuming that the travel probably delayed my period. I mean surely jet lag affects my ovaries, right?

Monday comes and……NOTHING!

I go to work and look at baby bedding.

Look at my calendar.

I’m not supposed to start until NEXT SUNDAY!

F-A-K-E  O-U-T

Belly Question: When was the last time you were Faked Out?


4 thoughts on “Fake Out!

  1. Enjoyed your post! I found you through the comment you left on my blog (thanks for visiting). Still trying to think about my last fake out…

    Best wishes to you and hubby on your baby adventures! Sending fertile thoughts your way!


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