Celebrity Gossip

Day 159

There are many spiritual gifts listed in the Bible.

Here are a few:

Giving, Mercy, Service, Faith, Wisdom, Teaching, Missions.

My spiritual gift could quite possibly be knowledge….celebrity knowledge.

Let me be more specific. I am fluent in Celebrity Gossip.

I  know who dated who in the 80’s.

I usually know celebrities’ children names.

I have People and E News on my iGoogle page and their apps.

I have to moderate my views on Perez Hilton. He is super vulgar on some posts and I’m not  a fan of that. HOWEVER, he has the juiciest stories.

My co-worker, Candace, and I try to out scoop each other on new news.

Is this an idol in my life….eehhhhh? maybe.

Does it make me happy? YES!

The Hubs always asks ” What can you ever do with all this celebrity crap stuff you know?”

Answer: The other day I was watching Jeopardy. They had a celebrity category.

Total domination!

Belly Question: Are you addicted to Celebrity Gossip?


3 thoughts on “Celebrity Gossip

  1. If it makes you feel ANY better…I was watching that very same episode of Jeopardy & dominated as well my friend. Who needs to know about the periodic table when you’ve got Emily & Brad breaking up? It was a proud moment for Matt. And that’s okay that you’re spiritual gift is knowledge…mine is sarcasm.
    Thanks for the referral lovey! Consider me your most loyal follower 🙂

  2. I am so glad you and I share the same passion of celebrity gossip. You know my life would be empty without the banter we have about this great topic. haha

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