Cars Hate Me

Day 182

My friend Vicki has recently inspired me to post random things about myself. She has a 25 Things About Me series going and it is hilarious…but, honestly, it was easier to think of 25 things for me NOT to tell you.

So let us start with how I have been driving for 10 years and have owned 5 cars. That may not sounds like a lot to some, or it may sound like I am awesome and can upgrade my cars like I do my phone every two years…the latter would be incorrect.

When I was fifteen my grandfather left me and my two sisters five thousand dollars.

To a fifteen year old he might as well had left my share with a note that said  CAR on it.

My daddy found and purchased…lets just stop there.

My  daddy found and purchased, WITHOUT  LETTING ME SEE  THE CAR AND JUDGE THE COOLNESS, a 1998 Nissan Sentra.  It was this burgundy-purple-ugly car.

Purchased in January, turned sixteen in April.

Rear ended a Jeep in May.

Totaled the Sentra, didn’t scratch the Jeep.

Side note: The  Sentra was still drivable so I drove it to a friend’s house and took out both her passenger doors the day  insurance declared it totaled.

With the insurance money, Daddy UPGRADED me to a gold Saturn…I’m not even sure what kind.

I called it The Planet.

November of the same year, a couple drunk guys side swiped me. Knocked me into oncoming traffic. It was November in Tennessee so it was freezing, my hot chocolate went everywhere and my cd flew out of it’s player.

I was in total shock, someone helped me out of the car and started freaking out because they assumed the hot chocolate all over me…was blood. That didn’t help anything.

I was so upset about my car I was crying, ” My Daddy is going to kill me!”

I remember two people saying , ” No Honey, he will just be so happy you are ok!”

They shut up when they heard me say, “that’s what he said the first two times”

I have many more I could tell…

I slid into a car on a  rainy night. Turned out the driver was a boy I had a restraining order against in high school.

A lady slid into me on a rainy day, I was such a pro by now, I ate a Big Mac while she cried.

A Dodge Ram broke my rib, a drunk driver hit the car next to mine and it still busted my tail light.

When will this madness stop!?

Cars Hate Me.

Belly Question: Do you have something that plagues you like my car wrecks?


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