5 Reasons Why I am a Lover of Groupon

Day 187

I realize I maybe late for the Groupon party, but I love it!

1. It shows me hole in the wall , random, treasures I would have never discovered on my own.

For example, this week Tampa Steak Company and a specialized dermatologist were both featured. Both service I was looking for!

2. I got a $20 coupon for FREE

When I first signed up I received a $10 off coupon. The next week a little hole-in-the-wall Mexican joint came up. $20 Groupon for $10. Then I used my $10 coupon.

What? Free? YES!

3. It is one email a day

I get bombarded with emails all the time. I have tried to unsubscribe to many, but then I lose out on an awesome coupon and sign back up. Groupon sends me one email in the morning and I can delete it or read it, but I know they aren’t going to send me some extra offer in three hours. Much appreciated.

4. The side bar shows me other “not in my neighborhood, but not two hours away” deals.

We live in a northern suburb of Tampa, but I work in the heart of Tampa. My work is only 15 minutes from Clearwater and 30 from St. Pete. Groupon shows me all of those areas! I think # 4 is liked out of laziness convenience.

5. Yesterday they offered half price Hot Air Balloon Rides.

No explanation needed.

Belly Question: Do you Groupon or use some sort of deal site?


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