Pregnancy Trends: Gender Sharing Parties

Day 194

Let me start by saying I am assuming when I become pregnant I will want to celebrate with the world!

However, I think it is crazy to have 8 showers and  2 teas, for 1 baby.

I am all about celebrating with family, friends and co workers. But why add stress to the mom and the people throwing the shower?

However, I am a total fan of the gender sharing party!

I would love for The Hubs and I to go to a sonagram, NOT find out the sex, give the sex envelope to the Publix cake lady and find out with the  family!

For us, this would work best because the whole family (probably via Skype) would get to share in the moment together and…the cake wouldn’t even be cooled before The Hubs had already told everyone he knew if he had the slightest idea.

Here are some examples….I’ll be honest…I cried….at both

Belly Question: Did/will you tell the sex of your baby?


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