Is it OK to Drink While Pregnant?

Day 197

The Hubs and I have had this discussion since before we were even married.

We both agree going out and getting drunk while pregnant is not ok…in any way.

He believes not a drop of alcohol should come into the mother’s body while she is connected to the baby.

I think it is ok to have a (singular) drink while pregnant.

This Today Show piece is what got me thinking:

It says:

” The effects of binge drinking on developing babies is well-documented and tragic. But recent research, involving a long-term study of 11,513 children, has found no evidence of harm from a couple drinks a week during pregnancy.”

I voted in the survey and ,at the time I wrote this post, these were the results:

38.4% Say No, pregnant women should totally avoid alcohol

39.4% Say Yes, drinking in moderation is fine

22.2% Say I’m not sure- but I wouldn’t risk it, personally.

I got to say, I was kinda shocked I was in the majority.

FYI- I have promised my husband I will not drink when the time comes.

Belly Question: What do you think, should moms completely say no to alcohol while pregnant?


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