Give a Girl YouTube and She Can Knit The World a Sweater

So last year I asked people what they wanted for Christmas and almost everyone said…” I don’t know”


So I decided last year to learn how to knit. I mean everyone likes homemade presents, right?!

I went to this chic little knitting shop close to my house for a one hour lesson…I’m not a quick learner so it was really a two hour lesson.

My teacher ( her name escapes me) started showing me the simple stitches. I mean the most basic of basic things you can teach someone.

I go home all cocky because I now have a 6in x 3in piece of knitting that I made created all by myself.

I show the Hubs and he says how proud he is of me for learning something new and breaking out of my comfort zone.

I sit on the couch to continue my creation.


Insert my needles. Wait? Does it go this way? Right needle on top of left?

Do I wrap the yarn clockwise? Is that an extra stitch? What does purling mean?


At this point I am so frustrated, I am seriously cussing.  I mean cussing like I have forgotten these lost four letter  words and they are the only thing that will help me remember how to knit….they didn’t.

The Hubs is trying really hard not to laugh….not helping.

Then I remember this 80 year old lady at the knitting shop tell me when she gets really frustrated she looks to YouTube. At the time I was baffled she knew what YouTube was. Now, I am just grateful I was listening.

So I get on YouTube and sure enough it tells me everything I need to know about knitting.

I am not exaggerating when I say “ YouTube taught me how to knit”.

I did 3 scarves before I figured out I was actually knitting backwards….I did persevere!

Anyway…soon I will have pics of a couple scarves.

Belly Question: What’s your hobby?


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