Random Things I am Grateful For:

Not being an old testament prophet

I have been a part of a Bible study at my church called The Amazing Collection for about two months now. It goes from Genesis though Revelation in two years.  I hopped in at Isaiah  and am signed up through Micah.

At first I  resisted because I thought the title (The Amazing Collection)  seemed a little arrogant, but I have moved on.

These OT Prophets had it rough.

Don’t get me wrong, their work was God’s work. They had a MAJOR purpose.

I am just really grateful my God has not asked me to do any of the following:

  • Lie on my side for 390 days
  • Preach naked
  • See women eat their children
  • Cook food over human poop. (ole’ Zeke won his negotiation to cook over cow poop instead)

I am so grateful the I have an amazing God that is forgiving, patient, and totally awe inspiring.


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