Sunday School Hi-Larity

Recently I switched from teaching  a high school junior girls class to 4 year olds.

Every week is a riot…seriously, they prefer anarchy.

Here are just a few  things that have made me laugh:

  •  I had a little boy eat his name tag…he told me he ate breakfast, so he really didn’t have a valid excuse
  • We were talking about Adam and Eve one Sunday.
  • Me: Who has a brother or a sister?
  • 4 year old: I had a sister, but she passed away.
  • Me: I’m sorry to hear that, but I know you are happy she is with Jesus.
  • 4 year old: oh, she isn’t with Jesus. She moved to California.
  • Me: I can see we need to revisit what “passed away” means.
  • One little boy keeps kissing me.
  • One little girl lives in a bilingual home. She keeps telling me her name is pronounced in Spanish. As it turns out Spanish isn’t one of the languages spoken in her home….liar.
  • One little boy told me had a very bad cold, but doesn’t like to wipe his nose.  Basically he is the  flu your momma warned you about.
  • No matter what I ask this particular girl her answer is always the same… “I’m Four”

I will say I LOVE the Sunday’s I work preschool. Its helping fill the baby gap.

Belly Question: What’s a funny kid story you have?


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