It’s Been a Year…Boooooooo

This month marks the one year anniversary The Hubs and I have been trying to conceive.  More than a little frustrating that these twelve months have not worked out as planned, but now we finally can go to the doctor for some answers.

I have an amazing OB/GYN. Her name is Jill.  She is young, funny, pretty, and always has amazing highlights. Well, Dr. Jill doesn’t deliver at the new hospital in our town. The hospital, LITERALLY, half a mile from my house.  It’s been real Dr. Jill, but I’m not going thirty minutes away to deliver when I can go half a minute.

So we are making a fresh start with Dr. Amy.

The Hubs comes with me to this appointment because we don’t know what to expect. I’m not a major drama queen, but as the hours were getting closer to the appointment I started to become a crazy person. Seriously….crazy.

The devil was whispering all sorts of irrational things:

(please imagine ugly devil in red, leather unitard with red pitch fork whispering to me while I am putting on my make up)

  • Dr. Amy is going to tell you that you can never have children
  • Dr. Amy is going to tell you that you have cancer
  • The Hubs is going to reveal to Dr. Amy he has had a baby with another woman…so its definitely your parts not working.
  • Dr. Amy will have really bad hair and not have a sense of humor about any of this.

Needless to say, my mascara was waterproof this day.

Side Note: The Hubs wears a backwards Chicago Bears hat, basketball shorts and a t-shirt that says “Waylon Jennings” to this life altering appointment….

We go to our appointment and as I walk in I hear a woman MAJORLY CRYING in the entrance restroom…. “I bet she saw Dr. Amy” is my first thought.

At check-in they get six pages of paper work from me, take my picture, and ask me to pay a $50 co-pay.  Dr. Jill only cost me $25.

They get my weight ( I turn my head) and medical info.

Then escort us into Dr. Amy’s office…where she is waiting on us.

Dr. Amy has a big smile and super cute boots. What a relief.

She sits us down and asks us all sorts of questions. Ya know: STDs, does The Hubs have any baby mommas, do we do drugs?

The next step: he has to get a test (quite awkward for him) and I have to get like three tests.

All and all it was a good appointment and Dr. Amy was really nice and to the point (GET BEHIND ME SATAN!)

The next appointment will be Day 21 of my cycle.

Belly Question: What’s the strangest question you have been asked by a doctor?


3 thoughts on “It’s Been a Year…Boooooooo

  1. Girl… I know you are now pregnant but I just found your blog and was going back through reading some of your posts. It took Travis and I 3 yrs to finally get pregnant. Talk about frustration, fears, angry, and having no idea what to do next since all of our tests came back normal. Luckily, we also finally got our little miracle this year. I just pray that baby #2 won’t cause me so much stress.

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