I Told My Mother

After we left our first doctor’s appointment I was overwhelmed and basically needed my momma.

I called The Hubs and he agreed we needed some parental encouragement.

So I am, leaving the doctor, headed to work misting. Not crying, not weeping, just brimming with a couple tears down the cheek.

Side note— I do remember thinking I looked very Demi Moore in Ghost with one tear trickling down my cheek.

Currently my mother is working in the backwoods of South Carolina (maybe North Carolina…I’m never really sure. She is like Carmen San Diego)   and only gets choppy cell service at best. I called no less than four times. At this point I am selfishly hoping she thinks something horrible has happened, excuses herself from some big shot meeting to answer.

Turns out- she really was in a big shot meeting.

She sent me a text saying she couldn’t talk unless it was an emergency. Well………it wasn’t. So we decided to talk after work.

After work I am super calm and my barrenness doesn’t seem life altering again.

We talk for a total of 3 seconds before she says, “ So what were you needing to talk about this morning?” She isn’t known for beating around the bush.

I proceed to tell her “ The-Hubs-and-I-have-been-trying-to-get-preggo-for-a-year- and-we-went-to-the-doctor-today-and-now-we-have-to-get-a-bunch-of- tests.”

Her response : “Shut. Up.”

I then tell her about how hard it has been to keep the secret and we haven’t told any family because we just didn’t want people going all crazy and giving us weird advice and stories and opinions.

She says she understands and is about to give some motherly advice.


Then I remember I told my sisters ( these are  my half-sisters, not her daughters). If we are telling truths, I decide I should be a 100% honest. Now is the time.

I quickly say, “ Oh. Well. Actually. I did tell my sisters while they were here. I just needed to tell them. To get it off my chest. The Hubs told his brother. We needed a tiny bit of family support.”

Silence on the phone.

I am thinking maybe her phone cut out.

What was actually happening was her head was exploding.

She quickly got over that I had told my sisters before her, but made me swear on my first born ( She has the faith to believe there will be a first born. Thanks Momma) that I wouldn’t tell other family before her.

There is no motivation more pushing than your mother crying because you hurt her feelings. I felt real bad.

I can say I am  still am happy we waited to tell family. Too much pressure on them and I don’t want my every conversation starting and ending with “ Are you knocked up, yet?” or “ When me and Uncle Ricky were trying we did the ___ position”.


** As a make up, I gave Momma the first entrance to this blog. Can’t say it made up completely for it, but it helped**

Belly Question: What secret did you keep from your momma that came back and bit you?


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