The Waiting Game

I told you last week that The Hubs and I had some tests done.  TWO Mondays ago he went for a semen analysis test ( there is an amazing post in this, I just know it). TWO Wednesdays ago, I went and had the some blood work and a ultrasound. They told me to come back on my third day of my cycle.

I called to make sure they received the semen analysis. They said no and to call back. I called back and they said they would track it down. OH MY GOSH.

What if they have lost my husband’s sperm?

So we are waiting on that.

Secondly, the nurse said that they would call me when all my tests are done. All my tests being done equals me giving blood on my day 3.


The frustration that  there is no period and no baby is a lot like this:

So we are waiting on that.

I’m no prophet, but I am pretty sure God is teaching us patience in a BIG way.

So we are waiting on that.

UPDATE: The Hubs’ sperm came back normal and my ultrasound came back normal. Thanks God!

Belly Question: What are you waiting for?


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