Thank You God!

Oct 29th at 8:32 am I took a pregnancy test. It was one of those digital ones.

I peed on it and it said “pregnant”…..Not two lines…straight up PREGNANT

I seriously was not anticipating  that answer.

I got my shocked self off the toilet and got on my knees and knelt on our bathroom rug.

Just straight up thanks for God and serious protection prayers.

Thank you God for making a baby.

Thank you God for letting me borrow this child for (I hope) many years.

Thank you God for being faithful without a positive test.

Please make my womb a fortress on the outside and a plush penthouse suite on the inside.

Please help me not go crazy with What Ifs

Please help The Hubs and I raise this child to love you and walk in your path.

Thank you God for this  moment.

Then I went to Wal-Mart and bought another test. I decided to do a little grocery shopping while I worked up another pee.

WARNING: distracted grocery shopping is an unfavorable outcome.

Test two was positive too!

Now I have to wait until 12:15 for The Hubs to come home!


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