These Girls Are A Grownin’

I found out yesterday that I am five weeks pregnant.


Five weeks is a whole week longer than I had anticipated. Yippee!!! We go see the baby in two weeks.

Its so weird because I don’t feel pregnant. I don’t have a belly. I’m not nauseous. I don’t feel any kicks.

But oh these boobs of mine.

Holy Lord above!

The week of my period I usually have a little tenderness, but the week we found out we were pregnant, I almost PUNCHED  the Hubs for grazing my left sister going up the stairs.

These ladies are swole up.

They feel heavy and almost tight.

Basically- I feel like Pam Anderson after her second boob job.

I understand that right now they aren’t actually growing, but my hormones are all nuts. However, when I pack on the baby pounds these next nine months…they will grow.

And grow.

And grow.

I am not starting off exactly small….What will I look like in nine months….what will I look like when I am breast feeding?!

Belly Question: How much did you grow on top when you were preggers?


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