The Nausea Has Arrived

According to, by baby is the size of a lentil bean. How can an object smaller than an inch cause such craziness in my body already?!

I recently told you that by boobs were so sore, well that has subsided.

But only to be replaced with a constant hunger. And if I don’t feed the beast that is my lentil bean….the nausea comes.

This nausea is hilarious.

First thing in the morning, I need food. I feel I am at battle with myself, because I’m not quite hungry yet, but feel the unease in my stomach.

I brave it through a shower…gaging the entire time.

We try to be fat health conscious in our house, so we have NO SNACKS in the pantry.

This morning I was eating stale corn flakes, naked, in my kitchen.

I hated it.

Imagine my face while chewing old socks….naked. You just experienced my morning.

I also have to eat a hearty breakfast and keep snacking throughout  the day.

I keep an emergency clementine in my purse and sprite with me at all times.

We are just getting into week 6 here people!

Thank you God for letting me feel these symptoms…


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