Baby’s First Picture

At Week 7 we went to the doctor’s office to visit Kitty again.

One thing I love about this office, is they are usually running on time.  We got right in, Kitty lubed me up and there was the big black spot with the little unidentifiable blob.

They call it a baby.

Over the belly there wasn’t much action. Being only 7 weeks, I was surprised we could see anything.

But it was enough for me to turn on the water works.

I began to cry out of relief that there was a heartbeat and I hadn’t miscarried in these few weeks we have known I was pregnant.

I cried out of awe that God, The Hubs and myself had made a little blob.

I cried because it was finally happening. So real. After so many months of let downs and frustrated tears, these were my tears of joy.

Kitty told me to go “empty my bladder” and then we would do it with my pants off.

The Hubs replies, “That’s the way I like it.”  That’s the father of my child people.

Side Note: When I returned to the room it was just us two. He was excited to tell me about weird condom they put on the probe and I was excited to tell him how I peed all over my hand when I had to pee in a cup….we were made for each other.

Next, Kitty inserted the probe and BAMB. There it was. Our baby.

The heartbeat was 134 and the baby was standing on it’s head!

Due date for Baby – July 4, 2012

I think we may name him George Washington if it’s a boy.


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