Mood Swings

This is me on Pregnancy-

Homer here is showing how I have been feeling for the last few weeks.

My poor husband feels like he has been karate chopped to the face with my ups and downs.

One minute I am in a tissy about the house not being clean. My focus is especially on the dishes he forgot to unload.

The next minute I am crying because I feel so icky.

The next minute I could be in total silence.

But the worst is in the evenings, I get in this funk where I just really don’t like people. I don’t want to talk to you. I don’t wont to touch….in anyway. And I don’t WANT TO WATCH FOOTBALL!

Poor Hubs.

Just this weekend, he tells me he thinks I need to be exercising everyday.

This throws me over the cliff.

It wasn’t that I thought he was saying I was fat, I just couldn’t fathom adding something to do to my evenings. And EVERYDAY!? EVERYDAY!?

Why would I want to exercise  everyday now that I am in my first trimester, exhausted physically and emotionally, and battling nausea?!


He tried to negotiate me to 5 days.

At this point I am furious, crying, and seriously contemplating slapping him.

That is how crazy I am with these mood swings.


This isn’t my first urge to violence.

When I was walking the other day, this lady was in front of me, walking in the middle of  the sidewalk.

As I approached, I assumed she would pick a side and I would go to the other.

She didn’t.

The rage that I felt in my body was like an volcano trying to erupt and spew out my mouth, limbs, and entire being.

That’s how crazy I am with these mood swings.

We are about to head to Tennessee for Thanksgiving and my boss asked me if I was excited to see my family and celebrate with them?

I just shrugged and said, “eh…sure”

She said, “What’s wrong with you?”

I replied, ” Eh..nothing”


I have been trying to keep a check on the crazy.

Please pray for me, my crazy , and all the people that endure my madness.

Belly Question: What kinda of being crazy story do you have from pregnancy?


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