Week 8:Game Changer

Thanksgiving day our baby was 8 weeks old in the belly!

Yay! Exciting. I guess in my mind, 8 weeks was the first milestone to being in the clear as far a miscarriages.

Lets talk about what else week 8 brought:

Super Smell Sensitivity– As soon as I walked into my mother’s guest bathroom I was physically accosted by the mint tea smell that was in a little fake candle. Not only could I smell it in the bathroom but I could smell it in every room of the house. It haunted me.

This super sensitivity includes The Hubs’ dip, Cheese-its, Lysol, and Red Vines. The list is growing every day.

Pants Busting: I was at work and happened to run my hand over the crack of my  dress pants. I felt, not a small tear, but a huge tear going right down the butt crack! Thank God I had on the same color undies or my entire office would have known about this blunder before me. I looked like a queen with my blanket draped over my shoulders the rest of the afternoon. My office people thought it was pretty normal.

This was in addition to my ALREADY keeping my pants unbuttoned, because of the nausea.

Throwing Up: I had gagged a few times before and the constant ick feeling has been my new companion, but the Friday after Thanksgiving the real show began.

Out of nowhere, I am washing my face and think, “ Dang, my belly doesn’t feel go…” and then I puke.

Before I even know it’s happening.

A few times while I was at my mother’s I would be hanging around the toilet bowl and the toilet cleanser smell would get me….BOOM….up comes the food.

At one point I was throwing up with my finger below my nose blocking the cleanser smell. I can only imagine what I looked like.

Belly Question: What smells were unbearable to you when you were pregnant?


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