I am a Pregnant Werewolf

For the most part I am doing pretty well during the day. I start to feel a little tiredness during the day and an occasional nausea spell but basically, my days are fine.

It’s a different story when the sun goes down.

On my way home from work the sun is setting and I start gagging in my car.

I get up the three flights of stairs and go straight to the bathroom to gag over a toilet.

Nothing happens this early because the moon is not out and I have not fully made my transformation.

I decide to cook dinner for the Hubs.

I open my refrigerator door just as the stars start showing…..I can smell something HORRIBLE.

Every time I open that dang door I start gagging….and complaining.

I have emptied it out. Thrown perfectly good food way…just in case it was the culprit.

After dinner I place the dishes in the dishwasher….I can smell everything. Every particle left on the forks, the water stains that are at the bottom of the washer, the cleanser residue in the drawer.

Only a pregnant werewolf would smell these things.

I start to lie on the couch for a bit and feel the final phase of change: An intense nausea that makes me want to go to bed at 8:30pm every night. I persevere just so I can hang with the Hubs….not that I am amazing company because under no circumstances will I touch or be touched…..lets not even look at each other.  Will that be ok?

Finally, when the moon is high and the clock strikes nine….I make a mad dash to the bathroom and throw up.

Some people call it “ Calling Dinosaurs” I call it “Howling at the Moon”

Side Note: I googled the term Pregnant Werewolf and got some REALLY strange things. Here is a little jewel for ya.

Grrrrrrrrrrr baby.


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