Prenatals For Horses

I have been taking prenatal vitamins since we started trying to conceive. I go to Target and get their brand of prenatals and all is well. Some times vitamins smell horrible and they are all brown/yellow and gross. Not mine!

When I first went to see Dr. Amy she said these generics would be just fine.

I guess she changed her mind.

The last time I went in she wanted me to change to one that has DHA in it. This is 1) not common at you everyday Walmart and 2) not cheap. great.

I ordered some from Amazon for $12.50 and felt pretty smug that i stuck it to the man and got a great deal! BOOYAH!

Then I opened the new bottle and thought there has been a mistake.










Why would they want already nauseous pregnant women to take these?!

I’m no man hater, but obviously no one that has ever been pregnant invented this capsule.



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