Our Baby at 11 Weeks

Today we went to the Doctor for my regular monthly and an ultrasound.

The ultrasound was part 1 of 2 tests for Down’s Syndrome.

I realize there is a low percentage of our child having Down’s but even so I would like to know.

PLUS insurance covered me getting to see my little baby in the belly!

This one you can count all 5 fingers!

The baby looked like a BABY and not a Beluga Whale.

It had legs and arms and fingers and toes!

We had to wait for  the baby to wake up and when it did it was so amazing! The baby wiggled and then shot to the top of my womb, danced and floated right back down.

We saw the baby do that about three times.


While sleeping we could see it had it’s right arm above it’s head. The Hubs says,”Hey! That’s how I sleep! He Sleeps like me!”

It was precious to see him so excited.

The heartbeat was 165 this time!

I still think it will be a boy.

Belly Question: What do you think the sex of my baby will be?


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