Blessings Conquer Fears

I recently posted about all the fears that Satan is smothering me with.

Money, marriage, health and many many random “what if” scenarios were passing through my head at an extraordinary rate.

I was telling these fears to one of the nicest ladies in the world, Mrs. Reynolds.

She always has some little tid-bit of wisdom that she sneaks into our conversations all while looking fully put together and  smiling.

Basically I want to be Mrs. Reynolds when I grow up.

Any who, yesterday she told me to write down all the blessing that God has put in our path just in these last couple weeks when the fear was at it’s highest.

I thought I would share these with you:

  • The Hubs is officially employed as a youth pastor at a local church.
  • The day we found out his pastor position would be “part-time” , two people offered him additional part time work.
  • The Hubs is getting some scholarshipish/grants for seminary that were not previously offered to him.
  • We got to see our baby and confirmed that it is real…not a beluga whale
  • My car got fixed for a fraction that it was estimated at.
  • I got a bonus at work that completely covered our deductible for the baby.
  • My job is working up a pretty amazing maternity leave package for me.
  • We have a super nice realtor, Lauren, that makes this home buying thing much easier.

I really could keep going but these are the prayers that God has visibly answered. So many answered prayers are the ones I  will never know about.

My fears are still there but I have an extra dose of faith.


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