Facebook Baby Boom

Over Christmas I told the world aka Facebook that we were expecting.

It was so much fun reading all the comments and seeing all those likes.

I know its petty, but it was nice to feel the love.

The best part of this announcement is I am no longer carrying this HUGE secret.

I feel a little like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s lover/maid after the big announcement.

And I am  not alone!

It seems the Christmas season is the time to announce you are preggers and everyone has fun ways to  tell the world

My friend  Kori (pronounced “Kori with a K”) announced on Facebook via her blog saying

“Pretty Jazzed about adding the first permanent passenger to the minivan”

Kori’s pretty hilarious and she brings a style factor that you will never encounter on this blog.

Kelly told the world yesterday that she is expecting saying,

“We are going to have a baby in July!!!! So blessed and excited!!!”

Amanda  subtly posted,

“…. and then there were 3″ ….“

Amanda makes super cute custom  things for all events. Check out her site!
Jessica simply posted this picture.

The best part about all these announcements is that we are all going through this crazy pregnancy stuff together.

Kori and I have already been swapping stories and I can only image the ones to come.



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