Week 12 & 13: Trickery

With Christmas quickly approaching I started to get a little anxious about how my body would like the travel to Texas for the holidays.

Weeks eight thru twelve have pretty much sucked in the pregnancy department.

Between the throwing up, super sensitivity  to smell, and having zero energy I am ready for some change.

This is how the Christmas visit went:

Day one- wake up at 3:30 am to catch a taxi to the airport. Eat 1st breakfast.  Get settled and eat 2nd breakfast. Take a Zofran and pray I do not puke on the airplane. Get to Texas and pretty much be exhausted…go to bed at 8pm.

Day two- wake the whole 1st floor up with my morning throw up.

Side note: the Hubs says I sound like Satan when I get sick….thanks

By lunch I have a horrible headache that food, caffeine and finally Tylenol took care of.

Christmas Eve-  Wake up with the same headache but no vomiting. A PLUS! Take a Zofran. Hunger and exhaustion plague me for most of the day. I slip to the bedroom for cat naps.

Christmas Day- We were really busy and I felt good most of the day except these pesky headaches. Take a Zofran.

The day we travel home- AMAZING! Seriously. This is the best I have felt the entire twelve weeks!!!!!

No headaches, no nausea, tons of energy and laughter!!!!!!!!

Yesterday (week 13)-  AMAZING! I over did it a little by running a ton of errands but I felt so good. Just one Zofran right before bed.

I go to bed thinking,

“ Week 13 is going to be amazing! I am almost in my 2nd trimester and here comes the good part!”

Today- Throwing up before I can even get out the door for work.

Nice trick week 13.

Belly Question: When will this get better?! WHEN!?


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