Eat Your Heart Out Boys

Since I have been pregnant I have had some weird things happening to my body.

Both good and bad.

My face has acne like a 15 year old boy

My hair is super long

My nails are super thick

The hair on my legs is also longer and thicker

My chest has completed it’s journey to the next size

My belly is growing

I have thrown up more in the last 14 weeks than any other time in my entire life

I have experienced an intense hunger like never in my entire life.

I also get more attention from men than EVER in my entire life.

I’m serious.

I go to Publix in sweatpants, t-shirt, two day oily hair, no makeup (so the zits are very noticeable) and I get checked out in every aisle!

My husband has always said he thinks a “fertile” woman is hot.

Apparently men really are all a bunch of primate cavemen.

Never has my husband been so persistent in groping me in public.

It’s like he is peeing on me so all the other dogs know I am his.

It’s baffling.

Hot, ugly, old, middle aged- (the young ones are apparently immune to my sexiness at this point)

They all look at my preggo self….and the rest of me.

At first it was creepy, then shocking….as I am getting bigger….I think I just may encourage it.

Belly Question: Did you experience this extra sexiness when you were pregnant? 


3 thoughts on “Eat Your Heart Out Boys

  1. HA I definitely believe it!! I’ve never been pregnant, so I can’t tell from personal experience. However, whenever I am ovulating I become a flashing welcoming beacon for men. My boyfriend goes nuts, getting incredibly possessive, sexual, and simply psychotic, grabbing me and groping me. I also get 10 times the amount of attention from other men. Pure madness.

      • Just enjoy it Maddie. One day, when you have a couple of screaming kids at Publix and you look as if you haven’t slept in days and you have baby vomit on your shirt and you just don’t care…they will still look at you then…EVERYBODY WILL LOOK AT YOU THEN…but for very different reasons….and you just won’t care!!

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