Photo- a-Day Challenge: Day 7

Day 7: Favorite


This is my favorite little boy in the whole world.


Sam is the funniest, sweetest, cutest, happiest little man in the world.

He thinks if it is round – it is a ball.

He thinks if you are playing- its ok to tackle.

He loves to watch football and yell, ” Go Vols!”

When watching Thomas The Train, he will say, ” Hello Thomas” in the cutest British accent.

My sister is having another little boy in less than two months.

That means I can only say that ” This is my favorite boy in the whole world” for literally days.

I told a girl at my office that even though I am so ridiculously excited about being a mom…I kinda wonder if being an aunt is better?

I mean, I get to love him and kiss him, and send him presents, and only ENJOY everything he does.

I am not concerned with his boo boo, I don’t usually know when he is sick, and I’m not potty training his cuteself.

I just have to love him and smother him with some Auntie M time.

This is my favorite little boy in the world….and truth be told, he may always be.

Happy Birthday Sam!


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