Photo-a-Day Challenge: Day 9

Day 9-Your Daily Routine

This is Susan.

Susan is my boss lady.

This is one of three times I have seen Susan since, about, December 10th.

Side Note: Don’t be frightened by this image. She was doing her evil Witch of the West impression. She is quite lovely….and will probably kill me when she sees this.

My daily routine is wrangling Susan!

The has legitimate reasons to not be in the office

My daily routine goes like this:

8:30 am Arrive at iMOM and check my email

8:45 am Check Susan’s calendar and see when she has meetings

8:50am Call Susan to make sure she knows when her meetings are, because sometimes (so she claims 😉) her calendar on her phone doesn’t show our meetings.

She doesn’t answer.

I leave a voicemail.

9:30am I have someone come to my desk saying, “ I see Susan has a meeting at 2, but nothing on her calendar now, can I chat with her for a sec?”

I sometime say yes, just to watch their face when they get an empty office. Hi-Lairous.

10:30am I have a request/paper to sign/fire to put out that I need her approval on. I call her. Again.

Her voicemail is full.

This is a repeat process from 8:30-noon.

She will eventually call and I say, “ WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!” She sometimes answers , “What?! Have you been calling me?!”


Let me just say this.

I have worked with Susan for about two years.

We have been to Nashville and New York City together.

She may drive me crazy some days, but I drive her just as crazy.

She gave me so much encouragement the entire trying to conceive process.

She is not a “mother” figure to me, but she definitely is a friend….that happens to yell at me when I tell her a story about something horrible I did.

I get bored so easy, but NO ONE GETS BORED or switches gears as fast as she does.

She keeps me on my toes.

My daily routine is just keeping up with lady.


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