Photo-a-Day Challenge: Day 10

Day 10- My Childhood

It literally took to a village to raise me.

Here are two pics of me and Daddy and me and Momma.

I could have filled this post with tons…I mean tons of pictures of the people that made my childhood great.

My Mom for teaching me unconditional love, forgiveness, and determination….and how to be a smart alec.

My Daddy for loving me because I could do no wrong, being secretly generous, how to spot a good deal on a car! He also taught me to how to use sarcasm…effectively.

My grandparents who spoiled me rotten and taught me to always remember where I came from.

My sisters who were my secret keepers and role models.

Betsy, my amazing step-mother who taught me words and real world things no real blood parent would tell. She also taught me a deep strength.

All the step-families I had.

That lady that ran the daycare. She was always yelling and pulling kids’ hair. I was scared into politeness.

Tanya M- for being the first person I ever heard cuss someone….a blue streak

Kyle F.- the boy in the third grade that called me “Bra Girl”. It stuck until everyone else had to wear a bra. Apparently wearing a bra in the third grade wasn’t normal. Who knew?

Randy W- for telling me about having a relationship with Christ. And introducing praying at the dinner table every night to our family.

Catie E- For being my friend when I was a total idiot. And telling me we couldn’t be friends until my handwriting improved.

Erin C- For teaching me compassion….as much as that stuck..

Caitlin H- For taking me to church with your grandparents on Sundays.

College, for teaching me all the lessons that concluded my childhood and brought me to adulthood.


Belly Question: What village raised you?


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