Photo-A-Day Challenge: Day 11

Day 11- Where you sleep

I love this bed.

I love it’s pillow top mattress, it’s foam thingy on top, its bamboo sheets, and its coziness.

This is also one of the three times my bed has been made this year. And the reason I made it was to show the Hubs his completed masterpiece.

Ya see, when we first got this bed, we had one of those medal frames and took up zero room and held our mattress and box springs a total of three inches off the floor.

It squeaked like no bodies business.

And I mean all the dang time! Every roll over, every yawn, every blink.


One day when the Hubs was at training camp, I took it off it’s “frame” and threw it in the dumpster.

He didn’t even notice.

Since then we have had the box springs and mattress on the floor.

Both my Nana and mother-in-law were appalled.

Being the thoughtful lady she is, my mother in law said, ” Come June, you will have to roll yourself onto the floor to get out of that bed if it stays on the floor.”

So she got us a beautiful new bed frame and the Hubs  put it together that night!

I almost got a nose bleed the first night I slept on it.

I’m serious.






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