Photo-A-Day Challenge: Day 12

Day 12- Close Up

This is my belly button

I have had a dislike for my belly button for most of my life.

I understand it could be worse.

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It all started when I was little and my Grandaddy told me not to push my finger hard in my belly button or my back would explode.


Its all deep and dark…I mean you can’t see the bottom.

I sometimes imagine little micro skin cells, getting together with their skin cell friends and going spelunking in my belly button.

Because its so deep, I sometimes find things in it.

I know how gross that sounds. 

Nothing like lent or diamonds, but dried micro beads from my body wash or lotion.

I just gagged.

Since about week ten of pregnancy I have been growing this fur around the belly button.

I’ve always had a little blonde peach fuzz. This is not peach fuzz and its not blonde.

In the picture you can see this mole beauty mark to the right of the button.

I am SO SCARED that it will become the size of a half dollar  once I get 8 months pregnant.

I just gagged.

I am also worried that when I get really big my belly button will turn inside out.

That in itself is kinda gross/weird/alien.

But I have never seen the  depths of my belly button so…out there.

Where will the spelunkers go?

Belly buttons are gross.


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