Photo-a-Day Challenge: Day 13

Day 13- In Your Bag

Is there a doctor in the house?

Why no, I am not a doctor, but my purse thinks it is.

If you can’t see  in the picture, the contents include the following:

  • Hand Sanitizer- I never carried this before I got pregnant. To be honest, I never thought about germs. But now I have allowed germs into my thought process and have decided….they are icky.

I’m not Howie Mandel but , I squirt some after the gas station and after I have been some where that people do a lot of hand shaking.

  • My phone- I love my stylin’ purple rubber case. And no, it is not a smart phone. I am REFUSING to pay $30 a month in a data package. And If I get one, the Hubs does too…$60! No way. At least it doesn’t flip, right?
  • Keys- The Hubs makes fun of me because I have so many keys, he thinks I aspire to be a janitor. Secondly, because I have one of those carabiners  that rock climbers use. It’s funny because I would love to go rock climbing but only under the conditions that it is in Europe, and  when I almost fall to my death Prince William would be then one to rescue me.
  • Zofran- I am not totally away from this miraculous drug. As a matter of fact, the last two nights I have had to take one.  Last night was because I smelled fried chicken and it turned my stomach in a hurry. The worst part was, I had to pee and every time I gagged, I peed a little on myself.  Sheesh.
  • Generic Zyrtec- I have major allergies and now that I am in my 2nd trimester I take one about every 2 days just to manage the snot  and watery eyes.
  • Generic Tylenol- the 2nd trimester reduced the nausea but added headaches. I do everything I can before I take one. Step one- walk around for 5 minutes. Step 2- eat a little something . Step 3- drink a small amount of caffeine. Step 4- take a Tylenol.  These headaches suck but I would much rather have them than throwing up all the time.
  • Deodorant- I hate this deodorant. Its an emergency deo for the BO, but I sometimes wonder if the BO would be better.
  • A super sweet card- This card came in a week ago from someone I have never met. It included a $25 check. WOW. I can tell you that the Lord as completely shocked us and filled my faith cup since The hubs took his new youth pastor job.  He always takes care of us.
  • Thermometer- I bought this about a week before I found out I was preggo.  I felt a little under the weather. I am a MAJOR skeptic when it comes to thermometers! I always think the one(s) in our house are wrong. So I went to Walgreens and bought this dandy one that is…COLOR CODED!

So cool.  It shows green with the temp if you are ok, yellow if you are a little high, and red when you are way high.

This came  in very handy, because I ran a low fever from weeks 6-11. So weird.

Oh wait, not so weird. I had a dang UTI. I just thought it was normal to feel like a gargoyle when you were pregnant. Turns out a bad UTI can do that without a fetus.

Who knew?

Belly Question: What’s the weirdest thing in your bag?


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