Photo-A-Day Challenge: Day 14

Day 14- Something You Are Reading

I am a huge reader.

As a matter of fact, reading is my favorite past time.  My ideal day is waking up at 10:30am, eating something cheesy, and then laying in a hammock all day listening to waves- shaded so I only feel the 70 degree air, and holding an umbrella drink.


I am a huge library fan. I seriously can’t remember the last time i purchased a book.

I love the library because I can reserve any book and they shoot me an email when its ready!

Another reading fact- I hate non-fiction.

The only non-fiction book I read is the Bible. We have all these deep, spiritual growth books in our house, but I just don’t like them. So if its not the Bible or a book for Bible study, I don’t want it to be in my brain.

Here are some of my RECENT favorite books/authors.

  • Anything by Stuart Woods, even though his last book wasn’t very good.
  • Almost anything by James Patterson. he can get a little too gory or vulgar.
  • Yes I love the Twilights
  • Yes I love the Hunger Games
  • The Giver is my all time #1
  • Half Broke Horses
  • The Tess Gerritsen books- very loosely based on the Rizzoli and Isles series. VERY LOOSELY
  • A few Jodi Picoult books

This post was boring, but I really do love reading.





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