Photo-A-Day Challenge: Day 17

Day 17: Water My Anniversary



 I am hijacking today’s photo because today is my and the Hubs 3rd Anniversary.

That is a BIG DEAL!

On our anniversary I love to think about our wedding and how it was such a special, beautiful day.  But every year the details blur a little more. I forget the placement of which groomsman with which bridesmaid. I can’t recall the flavor of our cake. Who sat where?

I remember before our wedding really doing some “soul searching” and thinking, “Can I really spend my everyday with him? Can I really be a good wife? How long is forever? Is this the kind of man I want to father my children?” And many, many other questions.

The bottom line was, yes. I loved him and  meant every word I said when we said our vows.

If today self would have told January 17,2009 self that those wedding vows and feelings don’t mean anything on your wedding day , compared to depth and commitment you will feel toward him and your marriage in 3 years…wedding day self would have not understood.

Growing up, I didn’t understand that God made marriage. Not a man and a woman.

And I didn’t understand that  neither man or woman can ever succeed in a achieving a successful marriage, with His blessings and gifts, without fully seeking Him in every aspect of the marriage.

I know that marriage is the hardest thing I have ever done.

I know that marrying my husband has changed me only for the better.


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