Photo-A-Day Challenge: Day 19

Day 19- Sweet

I had this whole post ready about of I am not a big sentatmental person, so I don’t really think that many things are sweet. I  was planning 10 Things that were Sa-WEET! as an awesome.

Then last night happened.

My sister’s second child was due at the end of Feb, but because of  some medical stuff they scheduled her C-Section for Feb 8th.


Yesterday, a whole different set of things happened and my sweet nephew came.

Meet Chase Thomas, 6lbs, 2 oz.

My sister had to have surgery and loss some blood, but she and baby Chase are doing good.

Let me also say, this kid came about 6 weeks early and already weighed 6 pounds. He would have been the size of  small car if he waited until full term to arrive.

Not many things make me sentimental, but knowing I have another nephew in the world, who went through a little scariness to get here… so so so sweet.

Yes, I am tearing just thinking of it.

Welcome to the world Chase. You are already loved so so so much.


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